Welcome to the Jumuiya Economic Development Organization
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Bustani Close, Links Road - Nyali, Mombasa

Jumuiya’s Core Mandate


Socio-political & Regional

Policy Harmonization

Jumuiya 2030-Regional Ec...


Sea-Land of opportunities...


Unlocking valuechains...
Core Mandate

Jumuiya Economic Bloc Guiding Principles

JKP aims to be a social innovation network empowering the workforce and MSMEs, focusing on youth and women in the Coast region. With the goal of transforming the area into a high middle-income population, JKP plans to establish a workforce and MSME incubator for job and wealth creation, as well as identify and implement high-impact Regional Flagship Projects.

Catalyze economic growth of Kenya’s coast regional counties.

A regional economy that creates wealth and shared prosperity for its communities.

JKP aspires to be a social Innovation partnership network focused on enabling the Workforce and the MSMEs.

The Secretariat’s role is to have a broad understanding of the region and create the enabling environment that will ensure a platform for the socio-economic development of the region, thereby changing the story of the region.


Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Blue Economy
  2. Manufacturing & SEZs
  3. Technical University of Mombasa
  4. Port & Logistics

Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Blue Economy
  2. Manufacturing & SEZs
  3. Tourism Resort City
  4. Off-shore Oil & Gas Exploration
  5. Port & Logistics

Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Blue Economy
  2. Extractives
  3. Manufacturing & SEZs
  4. Tourism Resort City
  5. Agribusiness
  6. Pwani University
Tana River

Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Agribusiness 
  2. Textile
  3. Livestock Value Chain
  4. Blue Economy

Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Blue Economy
  2. Manufacturing & SEZs
  3. Tourism Resort City
  4. Off-shore Oil & Gas Exploration
  5. Port & Logistics
Taita Taveta

Competitiveness & comparative advantage

  1. Mining
  2. Agribusiness 
  3. Livestock Value Chain
  4. Tourism (Tsavo)
  5. Taita Taveta University
  6. Blue Economy

Jumuiya Economic Bloc’s Achievements thus far

JKP through the Go Blue Project aims to advance economic growth in the blue economy sector by addressing socio-economic issues like gender exclusion, poverty, and marginalisation in the region. The project has so far trained 2000 women and youth, delivered 26 boats to fishermen, awarded 16 tourism grants among many other activities.
MSME Tourism Grants
1 +
Boats Delivered
1 +
Jobs created (Youth & Women)
1 +
Skills Training

Jumuiya Economic Development Secretariat’s Partners & Sponsors


Jumuiya Projects and Initiatives

JKP Projects and Initiatives are coordinated and executed by the JKP Secretariat with technical committees and professional experts drawn from the six county governments, the three universities and private sector. These projects are anchored under the Jumuiya 2030 Economic Blueprint for the region.


Hello & welcome Let us tell you our impact stories!

The JKP economic bloc has thus far created an impact through the projects introduced by its partners and sponsors, leading to a transformation of the entire Kenyan Coast Region.
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For any inquiries relating to Jumuiya ya Kaunti za Pwani Economic Bloc activities feel free to speak to us by calling or sending and email during business hours.

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Bustani Close, Links Road - Nyali, Mombasa - Kenya

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