Empowering Coastal Economic Development through Digital Transformation, Policy and Investment.


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The coastal counties of Kenya will host the 2nd annual Jumuiya Agribusiness & Blue Economy Investment Conference (JABEIC) on 10th and 11 th December 2019 in Malindi, Kilifi County. As a lead up to the largest Blue Economy Investment event in Africa, the Jumuiya Ya Kaunti za Pwani (JKP) Secretariat in partnership with Sera Afrika, iGovAfrica and Swahilipot Hub shall host a week of grassroots innovation, collaboration and culture.


The Blue Economy is a global emerging economic frontier. In Kenya, the Blue Economy represents a huge opportunity and the potential to achieve sustainable economic growth and generate jobs. The fisheries sector accounts for 0.5% of the country’s gross GDP, creating employment opportunities for over two million Kenyans. At US $4.4 billion, Kenya has one of the largest shares of the estimated over US$ 22 billion annual economic value of goods and services of the Blue Economy in the Western Indian Ocean. With a maritime territory of 230,000 square kilometres extending 200 nautical miles offshore, the full economic potential of our marine resources is yet to be realised.


Introduce new designs, methodologies, products, policies and other innovations that are financially and environmentally sustainable and scalable and will dramatically improve the lives and livelihoods of the stakeholders and key players within the Blue Economy sector.

Pwani Innovation Week

December 2-5th
Focusing on digital solutions in the areas of economic growth
  1. Agriculture
  2. Aquaculture
  3. Tourism
  4. Arts and Culture
  5. Health

Blue Hackathon

December 8-9 th
Taking the winners of the Pwani Innovation Hackathon and forming advanced teams to focus on:
  1. Digital Solutions
  2. Concept Notes
  3. Policy Papers
  4. Arts and Culture


December 10/11
Winners will present their ideas on front of 700+ investors and business leaders. Arts and Culture winners given the chance to perform and showcase their talents

Jumuiya Innovation Center

2020 and Beyond
Innovation centers will be developed in each county focusing on research to grass roots innovation to business and financial models

“Investing in Blue Economy to Catalyze Economic Development”


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