Regional competitiveness and comparative advantage
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The Port City County

Mombasa County is synonymous with the Coast. Its capital and the only city in the county is Mombasa. It is the smallest county in Kenya with a population of 950,000 and covering an area of 229.7 km2 excluding 65 km2 of water mass. The county is situated in the south eastern part of the former Coast Province. It borders Kilifi County to the north, Kwale County to the south west and the Indian Ocean to the east. Administratively, the county is divided into seven divisions, eighteen locations and thirty sub-locations.

The county lies between latitudes 3°56’ and 4°10’ south of the equator and longitudes 39°34’ and 39°46’ east.

Mombasa is an urban city county and for this reason there is a large population of both local and immigrant communities. The local communities include the Mijikenda, Swahili and Kenyan Arabs. The Mijikenda is the largest community in Mombasa county making almost 35% of the total population in the county.